The Tower Moment: What It Means In Life & Tarot Reading

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Ever pulled the Tower card in a tarot reading and felt a rush of anxiety? The Tower moment can seem scary when it appears, but it doesn’t have to be. The Tower represents sudden change, upheaval, and releasing attachments that no longer serve you. Though the change it brings may be uncomfortable, the Tower clears the way for new growth and better things to come.

When the Tower card shows up in your reading, take a deep breath. This card is a sign that it’s time to let go of something in your life that’s holding you back from your highest good. The more you resist the necessary change, the more disruptive the Tower moment may feel.

The Tower Card In Tarot

The Tower card represents sudden upheaval and change that shakes up your world. When the Tower appears in a reading, it means that something you believed to be stable is about to come crumbling down. This could represent the collapse of a relationship, job, or belief system that you’ve relied upon.

At first, this seems catastrophic. But the Tower clears the way for new beginnings. Though the fall may be difficult, the ruins that remain make space for you to build something better. The Tower forces you out of your comfort zone so you can evolve into your best self.

The Tower often comes as a shock, but its effects are necessary for growth. The structures that fall apart were built on unstable foundations, so their collapse, while painful, allows for renewal. Though it may not seem that way at first, the Tower is a blessing in disguise.

The Tower reminds you that you have the power to rebuild after life’s upsets. When systems fail, or relationships end, see it as an opportunity to start over from a place of truth and authenticity. Clear away false notions about yourself or unhealthy situations. From the rubble, you can construct something new and glorious.

  • When the Tower card comes up in a love reading, it means you need to leave a bad relationship or person behind and start over. The card is saying it’s not your job to fix something that you didn’t mess up, so to speak, in the first place. Time to move on to something healthier.
  • The Tower card in a money reading can mean you need to change up how you’re doing things if you want different financial results. It’s time to switch things up and try a new approach.

Experiencing A Tower Moment In Your Life

The Tower moment signifies a crisis that shakes up your foundations and brings your false beliefs and illusions crumbling down. While this major arcana card can seem scary, it’s really about liberation and freedom.

Experiencing a Tower moment can be deeply unsettling. But while it may not seem like it at the time, Tower moments often lead to breakthroughs and personal growth, to new love, new opportunities, and even spiritual awakening.

Maybe you lost your job or went through a breakup. Perhaps a global crisis like COVID-19 turned your whole life upside-down. During times like these, you may feel a loss of control or uncertainty about the future. It’s normal to feel afraid, angry, or alone.

But hidden within the chaos is an opportunity to rebuild on a stronger foundation. Tower moments teach us what really matters so we can let go of illusions and false beliefs. They push us outside our comfort zone so we can develop resilience and inner strength.

Though the changes may be difficult to accept at first, try looking for the light ahead instead of being bogged down in darkness. Connecting with your support network can help ease feelings of isolation. Reflecting on your core values and priorities will guide you to new beginnings.

While Tower moments never feel good in the moment, they have the power to transform us in profound ways. The structures that crumble make room for growth and wisdom in their place. With time and patience, you’ll find yourself in a better position than before. The Tower reminds us that no matter how painful, change is the only constant – and there is opportunity for rebirth with each ending.

Interpreting The Tower Card In A Tarot Reading

The Tower card can seem negative at first glance. But it usually means something good that brings change, even if the change is difficult. Things have to break down sometimes so something better can be rebuilt.

Major Transformations

The Tower represents a drastic shift that rocks you out of your comfort zone. Old structures in your life that are no longer serving you collapse, making way for new growth. While this process can be difficult or chaotic, the end result is greater freedom and new opportunities. The Tower clears away limiting beliefs, unhealthy relationships, and stagnant situations. Though the change seems frightening, have faith that this destruction will lead to better things.

Release And Renewal

The Tower card calls you to release old ways of thinking and habits that hold you back. Let go of attachments to outcomes and embrace the unknown. As the Tower crumbles around you, look within for your source of truth and strength. This internal foundation will guide you to rebuild in a way that is authentic for you. Though the dust is still settling, a rebirth is on the horizon.

Expect The Unexpected

When the Tower appears in a reading, be ready for surprises and curveballs. Life may throw you off course in unexpected ways, but trust this is happening for your highest good. Go with the flow instead of resisting changes outside your control. The more you cling to how you think life “should” be, the harder the transition will feel. Release expectations and open yourself to new possibilities. The Tower brings breakthroughs that, though unforeseen, set you on the path to your best self.

Though the changes can be difficult or chaotic, have faith they are clearing the way for rebirth and new growth. Release attachments to the past and open yourself to life’s unforeseen breakthroughs.


The tower clears the way for new beginnings and allows you to rebuild on more solid ground. Though the process can be difficult and painful, the end result is a chance for greater enlightenment and a truer understanding of yourself. When the tower appears in your reading, prepare yourself for some chaos and destruction, but know that you will emerge stronger and wiser on the other side. The universe is simply breaking down what no longer serves you to make room for bigger and better things to come.

Love + Light