Do Pisces Come Back After Ghosting? Sometimes Yes, Sometimes No

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Do Pisces Come Back After Ghosting

So you met an intriguing Pisces, connected deeply, and then one day they vanished without a trace. Ghosted. You’re left wondering if they’ll come back around or if they’re gone for good. The answer, as with many things in life, is complicated.

As a mutable water sign, Pisces live in a dreamy world of their own creation. They go with the flow, for better or worse, and that includes following their whims and intuitions about relationships.

If a Pisces felt overwhelmed or that the connection was moving too fast, ghosting may have seemed like the path of least resistance. But their sentimental nature also means Pisces often circle back, at least for a time. The real question is whether this Pisces is worth waiting for.

Ghosting Behavior In Pisces

Pisces can be quite sensitive, so when they start to feel overwhelmed in a relationship, their first instinct is often to swim away. Ghosting, or suddenly cutting off communication without explanation, is a self-protective mechanism for the fish.

Once a Pisces has ghosted you, it may seem like they’ve disappeared into the depths never to return. But don’t lose hope completely. There are a few reasons why a Pisces may come back after ghosting:

  • They miss you. After some time has passed, a Pisces may start to miss your companionship and regret ending things so abruptly. Their nostalgia and desire for intimacy with you again could draw them back.
  • They’ve gained perspective. With space comes clarity, and a Pisces may realize that the issue that drove them away seems trivial now. They see that the good in the relationship far outweighs any challenges.
  • They want closure. Even if a Pisces has no intention of rekindling the romance, they may reach out to apologize for how things ended and get closure. Pisces seek resolution and harmony.

Of course, there are no guarantees. A Pisces may remain in hiding if they feel too emotionally spent to reconnect or have found a new source of comfort. The most you can do is remain open to their return while also taking care of yourself.

Will Pisces Come Back After Ghosting You? The Complex Answer

Will your Pisces come back after disappearing without a word? The answer is complicated.

Pisces tend to retreat into their deep inner world, and sometimes that means retreating from relationships, too. Don’t take the ghosting personally. Their avoidance often says more about them than you.

Once Pisces has had space to process their feelings, there is a good chance they will come back after ghosting you. They value emotional connections highly and miss them when gone. If you’ve shared an intimate bond, they will likely find their way back to you in their own time.

However, if you were overly critical, judgmental or aggressive towards the Pisces, they may stay away for good. Harshness and conflict are extremely off-putting to this sensitive sign. Treat them with kindness and compassion if they do return.

Whatever happens, know that it’s not a reflection on you. Pisces follow their own inner compass, for better or worse. While hoping for the best, accept uncertainty and take care of yourself. In time, the right person for you will stick around through thick and thin. Maybe your Pisces, maybe someone new. But never stop believing in love.

How to Respond If A Pisces Returns After Ghosting

If your Pisces ghosted you but comes back around, how should you respond? It can be tricky to navigate, but here are some tips:

Hear them out. Pisces tend to go quiet when they’re overwhelmed or confused. Give them a chance to explain themselves before reacting. Really listen to understand their perspective and reasons for disappearing.

Set clear expectations. Tell them directly and honestly how their ghosting made you feel and that it’s unacceptable. Be firm that if they want to continue communication, they need to do better at responding and not leave you hanging with no explanation.

Look for changed behavior. Pay attention to whether they seem genuinely apologetic for their actions and are making an effort to be more responsive and communicative going forward. If not, they may continue the pattern of ghosting again.

Protect yourself. While you can forgive them, don’t immediately forget how they hurt you. Take things slow and keep some distance at first to ensure they earn back your trust before becoming too invested again.

Follow your intuition. You know this Pisces best and whether their apology seems sincere. If something feels off or you have doubts they really intend to do better at communication, it may be best to wish them well and move on. Your time and energy are valuable, so trust your instincts on if this connection is worth salvaging.

The most important thing is putting your well-being first. If this Pisces has ghosted you more than once before, it may be a sign the relationship isn’t healthy or right for you. But if you do give them another chance, do so cautiously and make sure their actions match their words going forward.

The Reality Is.. with any sign, it depends on the individual. Some Pisces may return out of guilt or because they miss you, while others have moved on for good. The key is not to dwell on what went wrong or chase someone who clearly doesn’t want to be caught.

Focus on surrounding yourself with people who truly value you. If it’s meant to be, a Pisces (or anyone else) will come back when the time is right. And if they ghosted you for no reason, they don’t deserve you.

Love + Light