Dreams About Witnessing A Murder or Someone Killing You

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At some point or another, most of us have had those dreams where we’re either killing someone, hiding from someone trying to kill us, or someone is literally trying to kill us.

Those are super unsettling to have. But there’s actually a lot you can learn from dreaming about things like that. The symbols and messages in our dreams usually mean something, even if they’re not the most pleasant things to dream about.

Dreams About Murder

Dreams of murder often stem from suppressed anger or rage. Your subconscious is essentially trying to work through those feelings in a dramatic way while you sleep.

The person in your dream that you’re killing usually represents an aspect of yourself that you want to get rid of. For example, let’s say you dreamed of strangling someone – that could mean you feel like something in your life is suffocating you. And if it was your dad you killed, it might show that your father is limiting you or making you feel trapped, and all you want is to finally move out from your parents.

The weapon also plays an important role. For example:

  • Shooting someone with a gun or rifle means you’re feeling really angry at that person or situation in your life. The violence in the dream represents the storm that’s going on inside you.
  • If you killed someone with a knife, that dream is telling you something really personal went down for you recently. Or someone did something that really hurt you deeply, and your mind is working through it while you sleep. When you use a knife in the dream, you’re right up on the person. So a knife usually means something super close to home is bothering you.
  • And an ax murder dream? That definitely means something personal and devastating happened to you, too. So, if you’ve been going through it, don’t be surprised your dreams are reflecting that intense emotion back at you.

The location of the murder is also important and can reveal a lot.

  • If you dreamed about a murder taking place at your work, it could be connected to something going on at your job, like maybe you recently got fired and your subconscious is working through that loss.
  • And if the murder happened in your house, that likely relates to your family relationships or something from your past, maybe something from your childhood is bubbling up.

Common Dream Themes Around Killing Someone

Our subconscious often expresses feelings of lacking control or influence over a situation through violent dreams. Killing someone in a dream may symbolize trying to regain power over something in your waking life where you feel powerless. It might help to think about what parts of your day-to-day are stressing you out or where you feel like things are out of your hands. Your dreams could just be your brain’s way of sorting through those emotions.

Repressed Anger or Aggression

Do you have anger, resentment, or aggression towards someone that you’re not expressing openly? Dreams of murder usually mean you’re really angry on the inside, even if you don’t show it when you’re awake. Your brain is trying to let all that anger out while you’re sleeping. We all get “pissed off” sometimes, it’s only natural. But you have to find a good way to deal with it so it doesn’t mess with your head.

You Need To End Something In Your Life

Killing someone in a dream can sometimes symbolize needing to end something in your own life, like a bad habit, relationship, or unhealthy behavior pattern. Think of your dream as a prompt to evaluate areas of your life that no longer serve you and need to come to an end. This could be an opportunity to make a fresh start by releasing what’s holding you back.

Dreams of murder are often more symbolic than literal. The person in your dream usually represents an aspect of yourself, not someone you actually want to harm.

Loss of Control

Do you feel like life has become chaotic or unmanageable? Committing murder in a dream could signify your desire to regain control or power over circumstances that feel out of your control. The victim in the dream may represent the source of your feelings of helplessness.

Suppressed Rage

Perhaps you have pent-up anger or frustration that you haven’t found a constructive outlet for. And it’s possible your dream was giving those big feelings a way to come out where it wouldn’t actually hurt anyone. Nothing wrong with feeling mad or upset sometimes, we all do. The important thing is finding healthy ways to deal with it so you feel better.

5 Common Scenarios Involving A Murder

Seeing A Murder In Your Dream

Witnessing a murder in a dream may represent suppressed anger or rage within yourself that you need to confront. The murder could also symbolize the end of something in your life, like a relationship or habit. These dreams often mean there’s an emotional change you need to process.

Being The Murderer In Your Dream

If you’re the one committing murder in your dream, it likely signifies built-up anger or resentment that you need to resolve. You may feel like you’ve been wronged or betrayed. This dream could also mean you want to kill off certain qualities about yourself, like bad habits or unhealthy behaviors. It’s a sign you need to make a big change.

Hiding From A Murderer In Your Dream

Finding yourself hiding from a murderer in a dream represents feelings of vulnerability or helplessness in some situation in your waking life. You may be “hiding” from dealing with a difficult problem or emotions. This dream is telling you to face your fears and address what’s troubling you instead of avoiding it.

Someone Is Trying To Kill You (But You Survive)

When someone is trying to kill you in a dream, it often reflects anxiety and insecurity in your daily life. The fact that you survived in your dream is saying you’re stressing over things that you actually do have some control over or can work on. You’re probably feeling threatened somehow, like maybe some people or situations have been workin’ against you. It could also mean you’ve been doing things that put yourself in danger without even realizing it, like habits that aren’t good for you long term.


Murdering someone in a dream doesn’t mean you actually want to hurt anyone. Maybe the “murder” represents something else going on in your life, like wanting to get rid of a bad habit or “kill” a stressful situation. Or it might not mean anything at all – sometimes dreams are just weird combinations of random thoughts and feelings.

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