Dream About Peeing Blood – Hidden Spiritual Meaning (Cleansing, Fears)

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dream about peeing blood

Dreams about urinating blood are disturbing because the first thing that anyone who has ever had such a dream thinks of is a health problem. It may surprise you, but dreams of this type mean the exact opposite, i.e., healing, cleansing, and purification. This is because dreams are interpreted through symbols, not literally.

Spiritual Meaning

A dream about peeing blood means cleansing and getting rid of something that no longer serves you. It can be bad habits, bad people, or anything else that you no longer need or that is not good for you and your health.

Urinating in a dream symbolizes the process of getting rid of something that’s not good for you or that does not belong to your life anymore. Blood, on the other hand, represents life and living energy, health, and vitality. The act of urinating blood in dreams is a metaphor for getting rid of something that is not good for your health or life as such.

It could be said, and even old dream dictionaries confirm it, that peeing blood in a dream represents the cleansing you are currently going through or the need to start cleansing or detoxifying your body and mind.

If you notice water, the moon, or other symbols that represent emotions in your dream, your subconscious is urging you to cleanse yourself spiritually.

Repressed Fear

In addition to cleansing, a dream about peeing blood can also represent repressed fears, most often regarding relationships or sexuality. Those fears that you repress in yourself create pressure or inner turmoil, which the subconscious depicts in dreams through the urination of blood.

Since urination is an intimate process, seeing blood in this respect could indicate some fears about your intimate life, sexuality, or relationships. Perhaps you don’t want to accept being attracted to the same sex or a person of a different age or culture. Or you don’t know what actually attracts you, and the more you think about it, the more stressed you are and the more unnecessary pressure you put on yourself.

This dream encourages you to face your fears because you must not let fear take control of your life.

You Need To Vent Something

Another interpretation of this dream is the need to vent something. You may be holding something inside and are afraid to say it or come out and leave your comfort zone. The longer you hold it, the more pressure you put on yourself. This dream encourages you to vent and say whatever needs to be said. Just like urine, we can’t hold in forever, you have to say or do it too.

For example, this dream is common in people who have a crush on someone but are afraid to come forward and express their feelings. Blood in the urine, in this specific scenario, signifies the tremendous pressure the dreamer is putting on himself.

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