Dream About Drinking Poison – Spiritual Meaning And Hidden Symbolism

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dream about drinking poison

A dream about drinking poison is a very strange but fairly common dream that often means two things, both positive and negative. In a negative sense, it often indicates something or someone who is negative and toxic. On a positive note, poison in dreams indicates the need to cleanse or get rid of something that no longer serves you.

Poison is a destructive substance, so dreaming of poison indicates the end and probably the beginning of something.

Spiritual Meaning

Generally, a dream about drinking poison means that you’re being deceived and you’re not seeing the truth. Poison could be interpreted symbolically as lies or something toxic someone is “feeding” you with. Someone may be lying to you, and your subconscious is portraying these lies as poison.

Poison in dreams is also often seen as something toxic. For example, you may live with someone who constantly complains and projects their negative and toxic energy onto you. It can be a person who always tries to find something wrong with you, and their behavior can sometimes make you feel like you are being poisoned by them.

In a positive sense, dreaming of drinking poison could indicate the need for cleansing, either physical or mental. The main purpose of poison is to kill or neutralize, indicating that something inside you must die or leave, and you must start anew.

It could represent an addiction you need to get rid of, such as alcohol or junk food, or a person who drains your energy and literally acts like poison.

The Symbolism of Poison In Dreams

Poison in dreams generally symbolizes danger and negative energy, which has the potential to harm you or someone you care about. Seeing poison in your dreams could be that you are encountering danger or negative energy in your life that’s unhealthy and possibly even dangerous. The dream could be trying to warn you of the dangers so you can take precautions.

The Symbolism of Drinking In Dreams

Drinking in your dreams, regardless of what you drink, represents accepting something into your life. For example, to dream of drinking water means that you are open to receiving new energy and vitality. Conversely, if you drink poison or another dangerous potion, it means that you are accepting or believing something that is dangerous to you.

The mouth is, to put it simply, the entrance to our body, and when we put something in it and let it pass into the body, it means that we accepted or believed something (that’s why we swallowed it and let it go into the body.) If you drink poison or other dangerous solution, it means that you have believed something false or even dangerous.

If you had a dream about someone giving you poison, it could indicate that the person does not have good intentions.

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