Dream About Amputated Arms, Legs, Fingers – Spiritual Meaning & Symbolism

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dream about amputated legs

Dreaming of getting a limb amputated is a common occurrence. Although it is not pleasant, and most would rather describe such a dream as a nightmare, this dream holds a deeper meaning than you might think.

Here’s the spiritual meaning of amputation in dreams.

Spiritual Meaning

Generally, dreams about amputated limbs are a sign that you are losing power, control, and direction in life. Removing an arm or leg in a dream can mean that you are suffocating under the constraints of your current situation, feeling like you don’t have any options left.

A dream about amputated legs or arms indicates that you may be making some sort of a self-sacrificing move in order to regain control and peace in your life. Or it can mean that you are being forced to sacrifice something you love.

Amputation of limbs, legs, hands, or fingers indicates insecurity, vulnerability, weakness, and feeling as if someone or something has taken a piece of you or something important that you couldn’t imagine living without.

Amputated Fingers

A dream about amputated fingers symbolizes a feeling of weakness and insecurity, as if you were no longer able to hold something firmly in your hands. A situation may be out of your control, or you may feel as if something you once owned is no longer yours.

For example, if someone else has moved into your home (a family member or roommate), a dream about amputating your fingers indicates that you no longer feel like it is your home. A new person could have joined you at work, and you may fear that others will no longer look up to you or that they will perform better than you.

Amputated Legs or Feet

A dream about amputated legs or feet means a loss of direction in life and a feeling as if you have no firm ground under your feet. You might have moved to another country or lost your job, and you don’t feel like you have your feet firmly planted on the ground.

You may feel insecure and don’t know what will happen tomorrow. You don’t know which way to go, or you may even feel like there is no point in moving forward.

Amputated Arms or Hands

Similar to fingers, a dream about amputated hands and arms represents a feeling of being out of control. Someone might have stolen or done something to you, and now you literally feel like you are without a hand (weak or unable to do something.)

Some old dream dictionaries also interpret this dream as a feeling of separation. Your partner may have gone on a business trip, and your subconscious portrayed the feeling of separation through the symbol of amputation of the hand.

Getting Amputated

A dream about getting amputated often symbolizes disconnection from your life’s activities, relationships, and routine. You may have stopped doing your favorite hobbies or spending time with your family or partner because of work or another reason.

This dream is a reminder that your physical health, love, and your hobbies or thing you love are your greatest assets and should not be neglected. Don’t sacrifice your health, love, and family for money.

Getting amputated in a dream could even be a reminder to disconnect from something that is unhealthy for you, such as unhealthy foods, drinks, or drugs. If you saw a specific person in your dream, it could mean that it is time to detach yourself from that person.

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