Dream About Fish Jumping Out of Water or Tank – Spiritual Meaning

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dream about fish jumping out of water

Have you ever had a dream about a fish jumping out of water or a tank? Dreaming about this water creature jumping out of the water has a deep and symbolic meaning, so if you understand your dream and its symbolism, you will come closer to understanding why certain things happen in your life and what changes need to be made.

Here’s the spiritual meaning of your dream, along with three common interpretations.

Spiritual Meaning

A dream of a fish jumping out of water or a tank represents your desire for change or a change in your circumstances in your life. It can also mean that you are emotionally detached and are not feeling connected or in sync with others.

You could be holding onto something that is not beneficial to you and is hindering your progress forward in life. Or you may feel like you’ve become cold, and nothing excites you as much as before. You may have been disappointed in a relationship or lost trust in someone and are resisting forming emotional bonds.

You may also have been in an abusive relationship or emotionally abused and now refuse to put your emotions into relationships or, better yet, form new relationships.

Water in dreams represents emotions, feelings, and everything that comes from within. Fish, on the other hand, or security, peace, and renewal. When a fish jumps out of the environment in which it is meant to live, it means that it refuses to be there because it longs for change or does not believe that it is safe and peaceful.

The fish might represent your natural instincts which sometimes need to come up for air; so that they don’t suffocate and die inside, while water symbolizes emotions and all that comes from the depths of your soul.

Disappointment And Loss of Trust

A fish jumping out of the water in a dream is seen as a sign of disappointment. You may have been disappointed in someone or lost faith in them and find it difficult to trust others again. You refuse to open up or confide in someone. You don’t want to get emotionally attached because you’re afraid of being disappointed again.

Emotional Instability

A dream about fish swimming in the water is a sign of emotions flowing freely. A fish jumping out of the water, on the other hand, means some emotional obstacles or instability. Perhaps you don’t know how you really feel about someone, or you’re going through a tough time, and your emotions are on edge. You may have a hard time controlling your emotions

A Desire For Change

When a fish jumps out of the water in dreams, it indicates our strong desire to change or take risks just to satisfy our emotions. You may be in love with someone from a faraway country or culture and long to move in with them, even though it may come with risks. You want to make a change to feel emotionally fulfilled again.

A dream of a fish jumping out of a tank means that you long for a change that will bring freedom and independence. You may also want to leave something behind or get rid of a negative situation in your life.

If the fish was jumping out of the sea, ocean, or another water source that is not limited by four walls like a tank, it could indicate only a temporary desire, probably caused by emotional fluctuations. In this case, I would rather see this dream as a reminder to take a deep breath and think things through carefully.

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