Dream About Clowns (Chasing, Attacking, Killer Clowns) – Spiritual Meaning

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Have you ever had a dream about clowns or being chased or attacked by them? Generally, clowns in dreams represent lies, pretense, betrayal, or deception, so dreaming about them could be a warning about someone around you who is dishonest, lying, or hiding their true face under a mask.

Here’s what dreaming of clowns means spiritually and what the dream could be telling you.

Spiritual Meaning

Spiritually, a dream about clowns is a sign of lies, deception, or pretense in your surroundings. Many dream experts, including myself, perceive this dream as a warning from your subconscious that someone around you is deceiving you or giving you the impression that they are someone else.

In a positive sense, and if the clown was not dangerous, this dream symbol could represent the need not to take things personally and see the light in dark times.

Clowns are disguised persons hiding under a ton of makeup whose job is to bring smiles to people’s faces. However, I personally perceive this dream symbol rather negatively and lean toward the fact that the clown represents lies and pretense.


Clowns are generally seen as jesters or fools, and in reality, they are people who pretend to be something that they are not. The dream indicates that someone in your life, be it a family member, partner, or friend is pretending to be someone they are not.

This particular person may say one thing but do another or claim something about themselves that is not true. They hide their true face under a mask, and it is only a matter of time before you find out who they really are and what is hidden under the mask.

If the clown was crying or looking sad in your dream, it could be a painful realization, especially for you, because you will end up disappointed and perhaps even upset because you have been living under the impression that they were someone else for a long time.

Clowns Chasing You

Dreaming about clowns chasing you spiritually is a way of warning you that you are going down a path that is not where you should be heading. It is a sign that what you are doing is not right or beneficial in some way.

This dream can be interpreted to mean that your choices are not right or that something is not right in your life at the moment, and you should pay attention to it. This type of dream may also be a sign that someone with bad intentions may be coming your way.

If you have become a member of a community or are about to buy something from someone, a dream about clowns chasing you could be a warning that something is wrong with that community or product. It might be worth considering if you are really making a good decision or investment.

If you spend a lot of time on social media or watching TV, clowns chasing you in dreams could also represent lies that are coming to you through these means of communication. This dream could be a warning not to believe everything you see and hear because you never know what is really going on behind the scenes or who is hiding under that mask (or a social media account.)

Clowns Attacking You

A dream about clowns attacking may symbolize feelings of vulnerability or powerlessness in your waking life. The clown may represent a perceived threat or danger that is causing you to feel fearful or threatened. This could be a specific person or situation that is causing you stress or anxiety.

A dream where you are being attacked by clowns or even killer clowns may also signify that you are going through challenges in your life that feel unfair. You might have been punished for something you didn’t do, or people looked down on you for something you didn’t say. Your partner may wrongly suspect you of infidelity, and you feel that it is not fair because they have no reason or evidence to do so.

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