Dream About Being Choked By A Spirit – Hidden Symbolism And Meaning

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dream about being choked by a spirit

Being choked by a ghost or a spirit is one of the common nightmares. Some people claim that their dream was so vivid as if they were choked by a real ghost, while others take this dream with a grain of salt.

A dream about being choked by a spirit signifies the need to break free from something that is holding us back – whether it be a fear, an experience, or a mindset – and take control of our destiny.

It can also be a sign that something needs to be released in order to move forward. It is usually something negative, such as painful memories or negative thoughts.

On a spiritual level, being choked by a spirit could be a sign that your spiritual growth is being blocked or hindered. It is a reminder to take a step back to evaluate what is holding you back and to make the necessary changes to move forward.

The spirit can represent something dark or negative that is holding you back, such as negative thoughts, a person, or even alcohol.

Some old dream dictionaries claim this dream indicates that you are possessed by the devil or that someone has cast a spell on you. However, take this with a grain of salt.

The Symbolism of Spirits in Dreams

Dreams with spirits signify powerful emotions such as fear, anger, and sorrow. They can also be a warning to watch out for deception and difficult times ahead. That being said, if the spirit was doing something negative, such as suffocating, choking, or trying to kill you, it could indicate some negative habit, person, or thoughts.

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