When You Dream About Someone, They May Be Thinking Of You

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when you dream about someone are they thinking of you

If you have ever had a dream about someone, such as a friend, romantic interest, or acquaintance, and wondered if it was because they were thinking of you, a dream interpreter would tell you that it is unlikely that this is the case.

The interpretation of dreams involves the analysis of various elements such as symbols, colors, locations, words, and numbers rather than taking them literally. In my personal experience and due to my spiritual outlook, however, I believe that dreaming about someone may indicate that they are thinking about you. Although it is not a definite indication, it is a possibility that should not be ignored.

Here are my thoughts on the matter and why I believe that when someone is thinking of you, you may see them in your dreams.

A “No” Answer – When They Don’t Think of You

Suppose you have feelings for someone, frequently think or daydream about them, and spend all day thinking and envisioning an ideal romantic future with them. It is more likely that you are dreaming about them because you often think of them rather than the opposite. Our subconscious mind works like a camera memory card, storing all the repetitive actions and thoughts we engage in.

The fact that a person frequently dreams about someone they have in mind is simply an indication of their subconscious mind, which reflects their wishes and thoughts in the form of dreams. This is a normal phenomenon, and there is no need to seek any underlying meaning behind it.

Let’s say you went on vacation to Egypt and spent your days sitting by the pyramids. It’s likely that these sights will be ingrained in your mind and appear in your dreams once you’re back home. These recurring thoughts, images, or desires stem from experiences we’ve had. However, it’s unlikely that the people or things we dream of will reciprocate those thoughts toward us.

A “Yes” Answer – There’s A Deep Spiritual Connection

While some dream interpreters, particularly those of an older generation, may not concur, it is often believed that dreaming about a particular individual is indicative of them thinking about you. From my own perspective, I believe that sleep serves a purpose beyond mere relaxation and dreaming.

According to spiritualists, our soul departs from our physical body and travels while we sleep. This belief suggests that the soul’s travel duration can vary from a few seconds to several hours and can be both close and distant from the physical body.

In my opinion, during sleep, our minds are more open to receiving signals that we may not notice when we are awake. Although some individuals can control telepathy while conscious, it requires training, relaxation, focus, and complete alignment of mind and body to achieve.

Despite our best efforts, it is nearly impossible to achieve a state of peacefulness and deep connection in our chaotic lives. When we sleep, however, we don’t care about what’s going on around us or what people think or say, and we are receptive to messages from both deceased individuals and the living who are thinking about us at that time.

I hold the belief that if you dream about someone, it means that they are thinking about you. Their thoughts and messages are transmitted to you, and your mind interprets them in the form of their image – either their entire body or just their face.

Although there is no scientific evidence to support this (and probably won’t because there’s no way to prove it,) there have been instances in my career where I have encountered people who have experienced similar situations. Hence, the possibility of it happening cannot be completely ruled out, albeit being low.

An Example From My Practice

A woman approached me six years ago with a recurring dream about a man she knew from work. Despite not having any romantic feelings towards him, the man appeared in her dreams every day, and they didn’t have any personal relationship outside of work.

She reached out to me seeking clarification as she was becoming anxious. Despite being contentedly married and having two kids, she had never given any consideration or paid any attention to the man in her workplace.

It was the first time in my practice that I did not know what to answer. I was lost, and, at times, I felt more confused than the woman. The woman left with the same feelings she came to me with. The man in her dreams either hugs, kisses, or steals her belongings. As I was thinking about it, all I could think of was that the man was thinking of her, and that’s why he often appeared in her dream. But the woman didn’t tell me that he had a crush on her or that they were friends. According to her, she ignored him.

A few months later, the woman contacted me again and confided that she had found out why she kept dreaming about the man. “He was a psychopath! He kept thinking about me, telling everyone about me, and even showed up at our house a month ago!” she told me.

When the woman learned that the man was referring to her everywhere as his girlfriend, she decided to leave the job. And then he showed up at her house, let alone she called the police. He ignored her at work and acted like a gray mouse while talking about her everywhere as his girlfriend and how much they loved each other.

This was one of the few times I realized that if someone is thinking about you intensely, the chances of them appearing in your dreams are high. It can be your partner, friend, or even an enemy—anyone.

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