Dream About Airplane Crashing Into Water: Meaning & Symbolism

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dream about airplane crashing into water

One of our readers had a dream where they were on an airplane. Everything seemed normal at first, but then all of a sudden, the plane just started dropping like a rock towards the ocean below.

When you dream about being on a falling plane it usually represents feelings of losing control or stability in your life. The ocean below specifically could point to emotional issues or changes that are coming.

Dream Symbolism

To understand what your dreams mean, we have to take a look at the symbols first.

  • Planes usually represent a person’s goals and ambitions.
  • Water symbolizes emotions and feelings, the stuff that’s underneath the surface and hidden.
  • A crash of any kind is showing a loss, fear or feeling of being abandoned.

Putting it together, dreaming of a plane crashing into the water means an important goal of yours came to a sudden stop. The water stands for emotions, intuition, the subconscious mind. So a plane nosediving into the drink would translate to your ambitions being overtaken by self-doubt, worry or anxiety.

Spiritual Meaning

Dreaming about a plane crashing into the water can represent feeling like you’re losing control over something difficult in your life. The crashing plane symbolizes anxiety about failing at an important goal or handling some big life challenge. You may feel like whatever situation you’re dealing with is spiraling out of control, like a plane going down into the water.

Confidence Takes A Nosedive

Maybe you had a promising opportunity in your career or relationship that never took off because you lacked confidence in yourself. The crash represents your self-sabotage and inability to overcome self-limiting beliefs. You feel like everything you want is crashing and burning before it can even “take off.”

Emotional Struggles

The crash itself represents the intensity of your emotional struggles and feelings of being overwhelmed. The water, a symbol of emotions, signifies being engulfed by difficult feelings like sadness, regret or grief. This dream could indicate you need to confront these challenging emotions before they overcome you.

Plans Run Out of Steam

On the other hand, this dream could reflect good intentions or plans that sputtered out before they could be realized. Perhaps you started a new exercise regime, hobby, or project but couldn’t follow through. The crash is a metaphor for loss of motivation or momentum.

Emotions in the pilot seat

The plane in this dream may symbolize your ability to navigate through life in a purposeful way. The crash suggests you’ve temporarily lost control of this ability and are being driven primarily by intense feelings, rather than logic or willpower.

Facing Your Fears

Crashing into the water also signifies fears and insecurities holding you back from progressing in life. Your subconscious is urging you to face what you fear the most in order to move on to a happier state of being. The airplane crash is a metaphor for confronting your fears.

You As A Pilot

If you dream of piloting an airplane that crashes into water, it likely symbolizes anxieties and fears about being in control of a situation that is overwhelming you. The airplane represents your life’s journey and goals while you, as the pilot, represent yourself and your sense of control over your circumstances.

The airplane crash may symbolize how you are struggling to manage or balance many tasks, goals, and priorities in your life. You may feel like everything is falling apart despite your efforts.

Piloting the plane crash suggests you doubt your competence or skills to handle your current challenges. You may worry that you are not capable enough to succeed.

You As A Passenger

If you have a dream of being a passenger in an airplane that crashes into the water, it likely represents feelings of being overwhelmed by emotions or feelings in your life. The airplane itself symbolizes your life direction and goals, while the water represents your emotions and subconscious mind. Crashes and accidents usually indicate difficulties or problems.

Since you have no control over the plane – you are not the pilot, you may feel like you can’t do anything to change course of your life. Plus, if you see dead bodies falling from the sky, that usually means you feel like things are spiraling out of control in your life.

Surviving The Crash

If you dream of an airplane crashing into the water and you survive the ordeal, such a dream may represent overcoming difficulties and challenges in your life. The airplane symbolizes your life journey, and the water crash represents a major obstacle or struggle. However, the fact that you survive indicates you have the inner strength and resilience to make it through tough times.

The dream shows that while the challenge may be frightening and feel overwhelming at first, you have what it takes to endure and come out the other side. You may be going through a difficult period now in your life or career, facing uncertainties and hardships. But this dream is a reminder that you can conquer the obstacles in your path and emerge stronger for it.

Surviving the airplane crash into the water also suggests you have access to inner wisdom and guidance that will support you. The water may symbolize your subconscious or intuition, so the dream is telling you to listen to that still, small voice within and trust that you have the answers you need.

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