Dream About Teeth Falling Out Means Good Luck, Pregnancy, And Wedding – Here’s Why

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Growing up, I was led to believe that dreams of teeth falling out meant misfortune, failure, or even death. It’s a common superstition passed down from generation to generation all over the world, so it’s no wonder everyone feels down when they wake up from such a dream.

When I started interpreting dreams almost two decades ago, I spent many years (and still do today) reading old dream dictionaries and journals of famous and unknown dream interpreters.

Everyone agrees that dreams about teeth falling out can mean failure or misfortune. However, all of the dream interpreters mention that the interpretation of your dream always depends on your relationship with teeth and how important teeth are to you.

Moreover, all the old dream dictionaries claim that a dream about teeth falling out could mean luck, success, marriage, or even pregnancy, and here’s why.

New You

Teeth in dreams represent your identity and how you see yourself. After all, teeth are one of the first things anyone new you meet notices, so it’s understandable that everyone wants nice teeth and a bright smile.

When they fall out in your dream, it could be interpreted as the fact that something old that no longer serves you is leaving, or you are letting it go and thus making room for something new. It is believed that a dream about teeth falling out means a “new you”, or, better yet, a new beginning or a new phase of your life.

It could be something as small as changing your hairstyle, moving to a new country, or exercising to help you tone up or lose weight.

Good Luck

In many countries, dreaming about teeth falling out is seen as a symbol of good luck. When I was little, and I lost a tooth, my mother told me to put it under my pillow and make a wish before I went to sleep. She claimed that the tooth fairy would come during my sleep and grant any wish I had. Although the origin of this claim is unknown, I have heard it countless times in my life.

Just like superstitions, which may not always be based on truth, I believe that every statement must have arisen for a reason and that they carry at least a grain of truth.


Dreams about teeth falling out can also mean pregnancy in some cases. It is believed that just like a tooth that grows in your mouth, a new life grows in your belly. On the contrary, illustratively, tooth loss is synonymous with childbirth.

Old dream dictionaries state that this dream is rather informative, i.e., it does not predict pregnancy but informs the woman that she is already pregnant or encourages her not to give up because the chances of her getting pregnant are high.


Although there is not much information about the dream of losing teeth and getting married, two old dream dictionaries claim that this dream means getting married or getting engaged to someone you have known for a very long time and cannot imagine life without them.

It is believed that a tooth falling out in a dream is an impetus to move forward and strengthen the bond between you two. Again, dreams are mostly informative and not predictive in nature, so if this is a recurring dream, it could be a sign that it’s time for you and your partner to consider tying the knot.

Why Are Teeth Dreams So Common?

Teeth are one of the body parts that people are most conscious about, and dreams about teeth are probably one of the most common dreams. This may be because teeth play a huge role in our lives – they are what we chew our food with and what we brush every day. Furthermore, they are part of our appearance, and people notice our teeth when we smile.

Teeth dreams are so common because teeth are the part of the body that people attach the most importance to. Although teeth help us eat or speak, they can also make us suffer a lot. It is not for nothing that it is said that toothache is one of the worst pains, which is why teeth are one of the most common dream symbols seen by millions of people in their dreams daily.

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