Positive Words That Start With X (Positive X Words) With Definitions

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positive words that start with x

Have you ever wondered how many positive words there are in the English language? Although it is difficult to determine exactly how many positive words really exist as it is constantly evolving and new words are being created all the time, one thing for certain – a language without positive words would not be a language.

The letter X is very unusual, either as an initial in the middle of a word, and it is one of the least frequently used letters in the English language, appearing in only about 0.15% of words on average. Even so, there are a few positive x words to describe a person, place, or express an emotion. Some of the most common positive x words include xenial, xenodochial, x-factor, xanadu, xcellent, or x-ray.

If you’re looking for positive words that start with X, below is a list of the most common ones, along with their definitions.

positive words that start with x
Positive X Words

Xenial: Friendly and hospitable towards strangers or guests.

Xenodochial: Welcoming to outsiders or foreigners.

X-factor: An outstanding, unique, or special quality or talent that sets someone or something apart from others.

Xanadu: A place of great beauty, luxury, or contentment.

Xcellent: Exceptionally good or excellent.

X-citing: Very exciting or thrilling.

X-ray vision: The ability to see through things, often used metaphorically to describe someone’s insight or perceptiveness.

Xylophile: Someone who loves or has a strong interest in wood or forests.

Xystus: A covered walkway or colonnade, often used for exercise or recreation.

Xylography: The art or practice of printing from wooden blocks or plates.

Xenophile: Someone who is attracted to or interested in foreign cultures, people, or customs.

Xoanon: An ancient Greek wooden statue of a deity, often considered sacred.

Xylotomous: Describing an animal or insect that feeds on wood.

Xeric: An adjective used to describe a climate, environment, or soil that is very dry or arid.

Xenocraft: A foreign or exotic type of craft or vehicle, such as a spaceship or aircraft from another planet or galaxy.

XOXO: A common symbol used at the end of letters, messages, or emails to represent hugs and kisses.

Xanthous: An adjective that describes something that is yellow or blonde in color. Xanthous can be used to describe a variety of things, such as hair, feathers, flowers, or pencils.

Why Should I Use Positive Words?

Positive words create positive energy, which in turn creates positive vibrations. A positive vibration attracts positive experiences and outcomes. Using positive words allows you to feel good about yourself and your life, as they have an incredible impact on both ourselves and the people around us.

Every time you are about to say or write something, stop and think, “What if I use some positive word this time? What if I said excellent instead of good and grandiose instead of big? Although it is easier to use negative words, why not make a change and start speaking more positively?

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