Dream About A Drowning Horse: Spiritual Meaning & Symbolism

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dream about drowning horse

Seeing a drowning horse in your dream suggests there is something wild and passionate in your life that feels out of control or overwhelmed right now. Horses represent power, freedom, and unbridled strength, so a drowning horse is a clear sign that you have a strong desire or emotion that is being suppressed or no longer has a way to express itself.

This dream is a call to examine what is lacking in your life that used to energize you. Your subconscious is pushing you to reconnect with that suppressed part of yourself again before it’s too late.

Symbolic Meaning of Horses in Dreams

Horses are powerful symbols in dreams. When a horse is drowning in your dream, it represents losing strength or freedom in some area of your life that was once under your control.

The color of the horse can provide more details about the meaning. A black horse signifies a loss of passion or power within you. A white horse represents purity and innocence, so its drowning may indicate the loss of your inner childlike spirit.

Where the drowning is taking place also holds significance. A river indicates emotions overflowing and feelings being swept away. An ocean implies being in over your head in some situation. A lake suggests you’re feeling emotionally cut off or stuck.

This dream is a call to take action to avoid drowning in responsibilities or commitments and reclaim your power and freedom. Deal with your emotional issues and set boundaries. Get back your power!

Spiritual Meaning

When you dream about a drowning horse, it often represents a loss of strength or freedom in a situation that used to energize you. Maybe work has become a real grind lately. You used to look forward to each day, but now it feels like a real slog, just going through the motions.

Or how about your relationship? Did that spark and excitement fade over time, so now it’s starting to feel flat? Or is your health getting in the way, slowing you down and holding you back from doing the things you love?

Your subconscious is trying to give you a nudge. It wants you to pay attention to what’s draining the life out of you. This dream is a sign that it’s time for a change so you can get your mojo back. You need to find a way to reclaim your strength and freedom.

Loss of Control

A horse in a dream often represents strength, freedom, and control over one’s destiny. Seeing a drowning horse suggests you may feel you have lost control over some area of your life or a situation that was once manageable. You feel powerless in the face of these unbridled emotions or circumstances.

Unexpressed Feelings

Water in a dream commonly represents emotions. A drowning horse could mean there are feelings you have not fully expressed, understood or processed bubbling up from your unconscious mind. These surging emotions feel as if they will overtake you if you do not find a way to navigate them.

Call For Help

Horses are powerful symbols of freedom, strength and vitality. A drowning horse may be a call for help from your inner self to save qualities or talents you value that now feel as if they are drowning or being smothered in some way. Your psyche is signaling it is time to rescue and revive these essential parts of yourself before it is too late.

Transition Challenges

Dreams of drowning often appear during times of transition or personal growth. The drowning horse could reflect difficulties you are grappling with during a transitional period in your own journey of self-discovery or life events. Your usual way of coping may not feel as effective, leaving you flailing to stay afloat. With time and conscious work, you can find your footing again.

Bottom Line

So, what is the dream telling you? Maybe it’s time to slow down the pace, ask for help, or reevaluate priorities. Dreams of drowning often point to emotions you’ve been ignoring that are now crying out for your awareness and care. Listen to the messages in your dreams – they’re clues to help guide you on your journey.

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