Here’s What It Means When You Dream About Angels (Flying In The Sky, Falling)

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Having dreams involving angels can be an intense experience. Angels are commonly viewed as carriers of messages from a higher power, and the meaning of such dreams can vary based on whether they were flying in the sky, falling from the sky, sitting next to you, or talking to you.

Spiritual Meaning

From a spiritual perspective, dreaming about angels represents a message from the divine or a higher power. It can represent guidance, protection, and support during challenging times or simply a reminder that they are always by your side.

In some cases, angels may appear in dreams to offer comfort, hope, or reassurance during a difficult period. Other times, they appear in dreams to encourage us not to give up and to remind us that they are always watching over us.

If you are working on self-development or want to become more spiritual, so to speak, the appearance of angels in dreams indicates growth and progress toward a more spiritual way of life. And if you are going through a difficult time or feel like the universe has turned its back on you, seeing angels in your dreams can provide motivation and inspiration to keep going.

Angels Flying In The Sky

A dream about angels flying in the sky means your prayers will soon be answered. Your angels and the entire universe have heard your prayers, and the depiction of angels in heaven is a reminder not to give up. Everything happens exactly as it is supposed to, so trust in divine timing and know that the angels have your back.

While some people see angel numbers or feathers that serve as reminders of angelic presence and love, in your case, the angels chose to reveal them through dreams.

Furthermore, angels are believed to be messengers of God and symbols of protection and guidance, and when you dream about them flying in the sky, it could be a sign that you are seeking spiritual guidance, support, and protection. You may feel hopeless, and this dream serves as a reminder that nothing is lost and that you are always protected.

Flying is a common dream symbol that represents freedom, power, and control. Now, when you dream about angels flying in the sky, it could be a sign that you are feeling empowered and in control of your life or that you are seeking more freedom or want to liberate yourself from a situation that was holding you back.

Air and flying is also a symbol of thoughts, dreams, and wishes, so angels or other divine beings flying in the air in your dream could mean that it is time to live your dreams and break away from anything that has been holding you back.

Angels Falling From The Sky

Dreaming about angels falling from the sky represents a loss of faith or spirituality. Perhaps you feel disconnected from your spiritual beliefs or have strayed away from your religious practices. This dream could be a warning that you need to reconnect with your faith and/or not lose hope and faith even when you are going through something difficult.

The dream may also reflect your current feelings. You may feel alone as if no one is there for you and no one is there to help you. In this case, I would perceive this dream as a sign that it is time to restore faith again and ask the angels, God, Universe, or whatever you believe in, for help.

Dream About 12 Angels

If you dream about 12 angels, it may be a sign that your spiritual journey is progressing and that you are on the path to enlightenment. You may have a strong connection to the divine realm, and your angels are reminding you that they are watching over you.

It’s also possible that you’re experiencing a spiritual awakening or you are working on personal development, and the appearance of 12 angels in a dream is a reminder that you are on the right path. Each angel has a different mission, so when you see all 12 angels, it indicates that every aspect of your life is changing.

It’s worth noting that twelve is seen as a powerful number that represents completeness and wholeness in numerology. Seeing this number (or the number of angels) in a dream could represent the completion of a cycle or phase in life.

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