Dream About Alien Invasion (Meaning) – Loss of Control, Exhaustion, Doubts

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dream about alien invasion

Without a doubt, every single one of us has undoubtedly had a dream about aliens and extraterrestrial beings at some point in our lives, regardless of whether we recollect it or not. These creatures are familiar to us from films and documentaries, yet we have limited knowledge about them. They captivate some individuals, while others are fearful of them.

Aliens are often symbols of something unexpected, perhaps scary or dangerous, that we encounter or experience in our daily lives. They may also represent something abstract and unknown.

In a dream, aliens represent something that you don’t understand or something you don’t want to take responsibility for. It’s something you have a hard time understanding or want to avoid because you don’t believe it’s real. It can be a person, an official letter, or some product that you have doubts about.

Invasion, on the other hand, represents a large amount or excess, and an alien invasion is often perceived as being overwhelmed by something that is unknown to you or that you cannot understand.

Spiritual Meaning of The Dream

A dream of an alien invasion represents uncertainty and being overwhelmed by something unknown or unfamiliar. You might be thinking about buying something, but you’ve found mixed reviews and don’t know what to think about the product. You may have started a new job and find it difficult to understand all the new information.

You could also have met a new person, but you don’t know what to think of them because they tell you something that is hard to believe, or you started working with a lot of people, and you feel like an alien among them.


A dream about alien invasion is seen as a sign of vulnerability. That being said, you may have started working with a lot of people and feel vulnerable because you don’t have as much experience or knowledge as they do. You feel like an alien or a being from another planet.

You may also have different opinions than others, and you are afraid to express them because they would look at you like an alien through their fingers.

Dream About Alien Abduction

A dream about alien abduction represents feelings of being out of control or powerless in your waking life. You may be going through a tough time, and all you want now is to go far away from civilization. It could also be a sign of mental exhaustion. Maybe you’re losing control of something, and you don’t care how things turn out because you can’t control them. You are confused and your life is probably spinning out of control.

Dream About Kissing or Making Love To An Alien

A kiss in dreams is most often interpreted as reconciliation with someone or coming to terms with something. A dream about kissing an alien or making love to an alien could indicate that you’ve come to terms with the fact that you can’t understand everything and that it’s okay not to know everything. At the end of the day, you are only human and not an encyclopedia.

Spiritually, this dream could indicate that you are opening yourself up to the unknown. Maybe you are starting to believe that we are not alone in the universe, or you are thinking about joining a community or a church. You may also want to go on a solo trip or do something you’ve been afraid to do before. You want to step out of your comfort zone and overcome your fears.

Either way, this dream indicates that you have chosen to go forward into the unknown and discover all that is hidden or unknown.

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